WordPress Web Designing

WordPress is the most powerful CMS platform available to everyone presently. You can make professional looking interactive websites with WordPress. To talk about the WordPress itself it is totally free but you may need to spend some cash buying custom themes, plugins an their extensions. It totally depends on the type of website you are willing to create.


The interface of WordPress is not as user friendly as of blogger but also has a lot of room for optimization and undoubtedly that is what makes you able to create a professional looking websites. Learning WordPress is a lot easier than to learn coding but it still needs some good hard work. If you’re not interested in web designing then you’ll probably wont be able to do much. So you’ll need to hire a designer like me to get you through the initials  as you wouldn’t want to rub your head against the screen of your computer.

But what’s the point of hiring who uses an open source platforms instead of coding?

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See, there are surely advantages for designers as well as for you. It is certain that WordPress has created a vast opportunities for designers like me which makes the fees of WordPress designers considerably low than that of professional web designers that code. Also you’ll have to consider the fact that you’ll have to work entirely on your website in upcoming days after the designer prepares your website. Now you decide yourself which would be easy for you-managing your website in WordPress or some sort of programming language.

But don’t take it wrong and underestimate the capability of WordPress. It is true that there is nothing better than coding for making a website but WordPress does 90% of what a proper coding does. As I’ve said in my previous posts that top businesses like The New York Times and CNN Travel use WordPress for their websites. WordPress has gained a lot of popularity because it provides a bunch of free themes and thousands of plugins that can enhance the functionality of your website. 

Now lets talk about designing your website..

First of all you’ll need to buy a domain name. You can also use a free domains like .tk for a year. The price of domains like .com, .org vary. After you purchase your domain then its the time of hosting service. Best value hosting services usually starts from $3 per month. You can choose hosting as per your website’s requirements and you can always change to a better plan whenever needed. Once you take the hosting then install WordPress and leave it up to me for designing. It is my sole responsibility to provide you with a professional looking and interactive website just like this one.

You also have an option to buy an SSL certificate which will change your site’s URL from “http” to more secure “https”. To know more about SSL CLICK HERE.

So, if you’ve decided to start the website then CONTACT ME here.

NOTE: This package consist of a free WordPress overview guide that will help you to manage your website in the future.