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Today’s world is a world of internet and online facilities. Every 1 person in 10 out there has his/her own website. Those are the days gone when you needed the proper skills and ability to code in order to make a website. Nowadays people are mostly driven towards CMS(Content Management System websites). They really don’t have a single idea about coding or some even don’t what the hell is coding.

What’s the real story?

Today in this time there are softwares that allows you to create engaging websites that are easy to manage and operate by almost everyone. For example WordPress is the most popular CMS software that has been used to make most f the professional websites on the internet. Some other examples are Blogger from Google, Joomla, Drupal etc.

But you must be thinking even you can make websites using these platforms, so what’s the point of hiring someone who’s going to charge you money for easy works.

But wait my friend, there’s another part of the coin…

There’s no doubt that creating a website using these paltforms is way much easier than coding but still you need some skills and knowledge to work with these. It’s not that you are born with the talent to make websites with these CMS. Of course you can learn working with these much easier than coding but each and everyone of you don’t have that much time or interest to do so. Also you must be thinking that why to hire someone who won’t be able to make custom websites for you by coding. But that’s just a superstition because WordPress is totally capable of making custom sites. For instance you can take New York Times and CNN Travel which are made from WordPress. If these sites can work well with WordPress then it’s far enough to handle your website as well

So, here’s the deal.

You pay me for the type of website you want to have and I return you with an awesome looking and highly interactive website for your need at a reasonable cost. Contact Me to know more about it.

Points to be Considered:

  • Your websites will be designed in Blogger or WordPress as per your requirements and budget.
  • You’ll have to pay for your custom domain name if you want one(price may vary).
  • You’ll have to chose the type of hosting you want(either free or paid).

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