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UNITED AIRLINES’s Unethical Behaviour

Millions of people travel everyday. The reason varies from person to person for their travels. Millions of flight seats are booked each day. Along the most reputed airlines such as Etihad, Jet Airwyas, Lufthansa etc there is a name called United Airlines as well. But the reputation of this airlines is now gone nuts. 

Watch this video below of United Airlines:

(Video Source: CNN)

In the video above you can clearly see that a Chinese passenger is roughly dragged along the flight as he refused to leave his seat. The main cause of this incident is apparently the overbooking of the flight. Due to this it is stated that United Airlines took a passenger at random asking him to leave. However when he refused the airlines took him by force as you can see in the video. 

United Airlines: Passenger harassed
David Dao bleeding after the harassment. Source: Google

The name of the passenger was David Dao and was a Chinese. He was a doctor by profession and had to report to the hospital the next day. Perhaps this was the reason he denied to get off his seat. 

But is this the right way?

Of course not! Anyone in the plane has been seated there by the flight procedures. They have paid for their seats. If there was such a condition then they could have voluntarily asked the passenger. If the passenger had denied due to certain circumstances then they should have asked other flight attendants who could possibly help. Afterwards they could have managed them in other flights as soon as possible.

But instead they chose to drag the passenger resulting him to bleed. His glasses slid down his face and his tshirt came halfway up when he was dragged along the flight. This act is surely inhuman and needs a serious consideration.

Outcomes of this act..

After this video went viral, the outrage of people was obvious. China’s popular social media platform flooded with a hashtag – “United forcibly removes passenger from the plane”. It gained more than 600 million views and over 250,000 comments. Many Chinese media officials accused United’s act as racism to Asian people. The news flashed along major as well as minor channels in China. On the other hand twitter called out for boycott from its hashtag #boycottUnitedAirlines.

In the bottomline,

United Airlines will surely have to give an apology for their irresponsible act. These type of behavior is surely intolerable and United should pay a significant amount of compensation to Mr. Dao for such harassment. It should further give an assurance that incidents like this wouldn’t take place in the future. Till then it’s a clear #boycottunitedairlines.

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