Along with the development and advancement in the field of photography. Nowadays photography is very common as every smartphone has its own camera. Digital era is very popular these days but still photography can be divided as two. The two types of photography are further explained below:

  • Conventional Photography: This type of photography was prevalent in the past days and barely in use in
    source: wikipedia

    present time. This photography was based on film and was used only in film based cameras. In this type of photography, the light emitted through the subject traveled through the camera lens to the and stored in the film itself. The image captured cant be viewed instantly. The image is only visible after necessary chemical processing of the negatives. The cameras under conventional photography are further divided into two sections i.e. Non-pro and Pro. Non-pro conventional cameras consist of 35 mm compact camera, 110 camera, Disk camera, Polaroid camera etc whereas SLR camera and TLR camera are Pro versions.

  • Digital Photography: The photography based on image censor and memory card is called digital photography. In this photography light emitted by the subject coming through the camera lens makes image of the subject in the image sensor and then it is eventually stored in the memory
    source: Wikipedia

    card. In past few years digital photography has dominated conventional photography with its features covering wider areas. These type of cameras provide quick playback of the snaps taken. CCD(Charged couple device), Super CCD, CMOS(Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) are used as image sensors. Besides CF card(Compact flash), MD card(Magnetic disk), SD card(San disk), MMC(Multimedia card) are popular memory cards used in these cameras. This is divided into two sub categories as well i.e. Non-pro and Pro. Cyber-shot(compact digital camera) is an example of non pro whereas DSLR cameras fall under Pro category.

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