TAUDAHA- The Lake of Mysteries

Nepal is a country where one can find natural diversity in a very short  interval of distances. The country is famous for it’s beautiful and naturally occurring landscapes and Taudaha lake is one of them. 

Located about 10 km south to the capital city Kathmandu, Taudaha is one of the most desirable places that one would wish to visit. This lake habitats different kinds of fish and birds. The lake surrounded with greenery offering an experience of divine serenity is a worth visiting place.

Apart from this, this Taudaha has its own history or call it a myth.

 It is believed that long ago the whole Kathmandu valley was a lake. A man with supernatural powers named Manjushree Boddhisatva came to Kathmandu and saw it from the hill of Swayambhunath.

Source: Wikipedia

Realizing that this valley could be habitat for many, Manjushree cut off the Chovar hill with his magical sword and drained the water out resulting the origin of small lakes. Many snakes got homeless as the lake drained out. So the King of the serpents named Karkotak made his own palace inside the Taudaha lake and vowed to protect snakes and the people of his surrounding unless the water of his lake remain contaminated. As a result you are not allowed to swim or do fishing in Taudaha Lake. Even the government has banned and provisions for fine are made if anyone is caught hugging or kissing inside the premises of Taudaha.

Source: wikipedia

Wait there is another story as well…

It is said that once the serpent queen got seriously ill. So serpent king sent his servants to bring a doctor. The doctor came and cured the queen which made King really thankful and gifted the doctor a jacket stitched with diamonds entirely. One fine day the doctor was working on his land keeping the precious jacket aside. Taking advantage of the situation a cunning ghost stole the jacket. The doctor chased the ghost and ended up to the King’s palace for justice. The King kept the jacket because he couldn’t make the decision whom the jacket belonged to. From that day once in every year the jacket is displayed to the people and now celebrated as a festival of “Bhoto Jatra”.

One can visit this site by catching a bus from Balkhu or hiring a cab. You can also visit Manjushree park on the way. Once you get there you’ll need to pay around Rs.20 to get an entrance ticket. Inside the premises of Taudaha you can explore a different kind of world. You can take photos, feed the fishes but remember you are not allowed to feed yourself with the fishes.

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