SUNDARIJAL – The White Shower Gathering

Who enjoys waterfall? Oops sorry. The correct question is “Who the hell doesn’t enjoy waterfall?”. So, if you are in Kathmandu and dying to get refreshed in the natural shower then Sundarijal is definitely your answer.

How do you get to Sundaijal?

Sundarijal is about 30 kilometers from Kathmandu taking the route through Bouddha-Jorpati. You’ll probably want to take the route of Gaurighat in case you don’t enjoy rough rides. Drive for about an hour and reach Sundarijal buspark finally. Then park your vehicles there and get your feet to work. Get exhausted climbing some steep inclinations but also get rejuvenated seeing the scenic views. 

Know something about Sundarijal..

Sundarijal is a Village Development Committee of Kathmandu which is widely known for it’s hydropower plant. You also hear Sundarijal for Melamchi drinking water project . Sundarijal actually is a trekking route which ends up to various destinations. For example Nuwakot, Nagarkot, Chisapani, Gosainkunda and many more. You are going to see about 80% of forest of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park on your trail. The area of Sundarijal falls into the national park and since it is a protected area you need to buy an entrance ticket.

The ticket prices are different..

The ticket costs Rs.50 for Nepalese, Rs. 300 for SAARC residents and Rs. 500 for other foreigners. After you buy the ticket all you need to do is hike up the trail and appreciate the nature. But at the same time take care of yourself as well. Don’t try to get access to the falls where the areas are restricted. I mean it must have been restricted for a reason. 

The best part?..

You are to find cascades pouring down in certain intervals of time throughout your trail. You can quench your thirst and also have fun in the shower wherever accessible. Spend the whole day getting refreshed in Sundarijal. Once you are done then come back so that you can find various local restaurants. My recommendation will be to eat sekuwa (roasted meat) and Chyaang (Newari rice wine). They also sell Pani Puris by the way . Besides you can also hangout in couple of resorts there. The people there treat you in a very warm manner. And trust me you will be fascinated by the humbleness you’ll get there.

It’s a fun place but read my tragic story now 🙁

I got there with my Dad in my bike. I could take the bike up to some extent but I decided to park it in the buspark. Then I went up on my feet. The visuals were amazing but the mistake I made was I visited in the month of December which apparently is winter. I didn’t even touch a drop of water. What could be more sad than this.


Sundarijal is a must visit place near Kathmandu. It gathers all you need to get you refreshed. Only the thing to keep in mind is not to visit this place in the winters. Manage to visit the place during summers and you’ll forget yourself enjoying there.

Also watch my vlog and photos below if you have some time:

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