What is SSL Certification?- Importance and Applications

In the world of 7 billion people  Google estimates there to be 1 billion websites that are registered. This means that every seventh person out there has his/her own website. These websites consist of various types ranging from free blogs all the way up to big ecommerce websites. One thing you may have noticed in the URL of a website, either there is http or https. Hence it is the SSL certificate that changes the default http to more encrypted https.


Source: Google

Https stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and the work of an SSL certificate is to transfer  it to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured. You may not notice this in all the sites you browse for because simply it is not necessary. Firstly you need to understand the difference between http and https. All the websites are registered in http by default but when you buy an SSL certificate then you’ll be able to change your URL to https.

So why do you pay extra for a running website?





The name itself tells secured which basically means that https provides a secured connection to your website. This makes it less vulnerable to hackers out there. There are many hackers and bots in internet that are trying to break into your website. They may steal your sensitive information or harm your website in other ways. If you give a close look then you’ll find https encrypted connection in sites like Amazon, Paypal etc. But at the same time if you go on a random blog then you’re most likely to find http.

The question is who needs https?

Look, its never bad to have more security but this question arises as you need to spend some cash to get this security. As I’ve said this before about sites like amazon, they will not compromise their security for few bucks. Today is the era of online transactions. Now imagine – would tycoon sites like amazon still be on top if they were frequently hacked? They hold millions of credit card numbers and other sensitive information from their customers, they would surely not stake for few dollars. But at the same time there are thousands of blogs out there which just focuses on sharing information to their audience. They surely do not require an encrypted connection necessarily.

How about getting an SSL certificate?

If you wish you can purchase an SSL certificate for any kind of website. But in case you are planning to run an ecommerce website then it is a must have. You may want to buy one if your website has some crucial information. However if you only plan to run a simple blog or a website then you can continue with http but again you can get it if you wish to have because extra security is never going to be harmful. Besides that it also affects your SEO factors because Google has clearly stated that it prioritizes the sites with encrypted connections in comparision to http sites.

Best of luck for your new Website.

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