SALINADI FAIR – One Month Ticket to Sankhu

Have you guys heard about Sankhu? Undoubledly this VDC of Kathmandu district is probably one of the most underrated places around Kathmandu. However Sankhu rather comes into the limelight every once in a year when a famous fair of Salinadi starts. Comprising of ancient style built houses, this place holds a strong historic importance because of the one month long fair of Salinadi held every year.

So how would you get to Sankhu?

It’s not that hard actually, especially during the time of the festival. You can get plenty of buses going to Sankhu from the major bus parks of Kathmandu. If you are going on your own then you can pretty much rely of Google maps if you know how to operate it correctly.Also I would suggest you to take the route of Gauright for a non-bumpy ride. Once you reach the bus park in Sankhu, you just need to follow the cascade of people going towards the river. See how easy it is. 

I actually have a really good connection with this place,

Let me tell you my story. One of my grandmothers, apparently my mom’s father elder sister in law was from this village. That’s a really lengthy relationship indeed. Anyway she had a house in Sankhu with couple of caretakers who currently live there. Probably due to this reason in my childhood, I used to go to this place at least twice a year with my mom and her sisters. Unfortunately now the house is a bit damaged due to the past earthquake of April, 2015. Very likely a large number of houses in Sankhu are in devastated conditions.

Now let me get you into Salinadi Mela of Sankhu –

Sankhu: Salinadi Fair

To talk about the grand fair of Salinadi, “Salinadi” refers to the sacred river if Sankhu where “Nadi” means river in Nepali language. This practice is going on since centuries as it is linked with a religious mythical story. If you are kind of a person who gets best marks in History then you probably head over this page of Wikipedia to learn about Sankhu. Anyways back to the story. Every year in the month of Poush/Magh(Nepali Calendar) parallely  falls in the month of January-February. In this duration of time a big fair is held here particularly on the bak of Salinadi. Madhav Narayan, a Hindu god is worshipped in this festival. For the duration of one month of fair, the women of this village go through fasting. You could also get the sight of people taking holy bath in the river.

In the conclusion,

After about 5 years I revisited this place during the time of fair and got myself hit by a nostalgic kind of feeling. This place is majorly visited during the fair. In the normal days the place is supposed to be really empty. So the choice is yours.

You can experience the Salinadi fair in the vlog and the photos below:

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