Photography in these days have a very wide scope. Unlike the past days when people had to invest a bunch of gold to afford photography equipment, nowadays even normal people have been able to buy the photographic equipment. Along with the development in technology the field of photography have had many advancement in few decades. This has widened the scope of photography in numerous fields and can be mainly categorized in four topics as follows:

  • Entertainment: Entertainment is a very important aspect of our life. This adds a break in our everyday life and gives us the chance to rejuvenate and freshen up our minds. Humans got tons of ways for entertainment like birthdays, parties, tours, weddings and so on. People usually have a very good experience and pleasant time in these events. We all definitely want to capture these into our memory and recall in the upcoming days and we all know that photography is all about this. The low cost of cameras has helped us out to make this dream come true.
  • Record: The particular facility is mainly for the Government as well as other organizational works. The simple examples for this are driving licence, citizenship certificate, passport, identity card etc. Organizations may need full description of a person for any official work where photograph works as best to identify a person. This helps in reducing frauds and scams.
  • Information: It is said that one photograph is equal to hundreds of words. Hemce, this formula is used in photojournalism, detective photography, cinema, modelling etc. They use photographs as means of information and to share their contents among the mass through visual method. 
  • Theme: When photographs are taken being limited to certain context, this is known as theme photography. this type of photography is mainly seen in photo exhibitions, contests, travel jobs, websites etc. The photographs related to certain themes only provide information about the particular subject matter, For instance The Poverty, Human rights, The Mount Everest, All about South America can be some of the reliable themes to be photographed.

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