PASHUPATINATH- Home Of The Destroyer

One of the most important places for the pilgrims of Hinduism and also enlisted in UNESCO World heritage sites, Pashupatinath is a must visit place if you come to Kathmandu. The temple of Pashupatinath is situated about 5 km from center of the capital city in the banks of Bagmati river.


This site collects a lot of artistic beauties and natural elegance along with religious importance. It is so popular that it is accessible from almost any part of the valley and you surely wont get much of difficulty in reaching this place. One key point to know before you go here is that only pilgrims of Hinduism are allowed to enter the core premises where the main temple is located. But not to worry you can roam around the rest of the premises and get an astonishing view of the temple something like this.If you are planning to visit here then there is one more thing to keep in mind that is this place is home for thousands of monkeys. So, you might not want to take any edibles or precious things out of your bags.

Why Pashupatinath is home of  the destroyer?

The temple of Pashupatinath is solely dedicated to a Hindu god Shiva. Shiva is considered to be the destroyer of the universe and lord of ignorance. This may be the reason dead bodies are cremated according to the Hindu rituals in the premises of Pashupatinath. 

Regardless of any day this place is always full with people. However this place will be full of people in a way like never before on the festival of Shivaratri. This is the main festival celebrated here which roughly falls in the month of February. On this day millions of people from India and Nepal come to this sacred place.

Shiva Linga

This place also consist of a conserved forest where mainly deer are protected. The premise consist of numerous numbers of small temples and statues called Shiva Linga.

Bottom line,

Pashupatinath is a perfect blend of religion, culture, art and nature.




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