This post entirely focuses on the night life in Pashupati. If you haven’t read my Pashupatinath article then CLICK HERE

Pashupatinath premises is one of the remarkable areas of Nepal as mentioned in my previous post. Apart from being rich in architecture, culture and spirituality it has something more to offer to the pilgrims as well as to the visitors.

There’s a catch..

You can visit the site in the evening and observe the area till night. Do mark my words that you wouldn’t regret it. The time of sunrise and and sunset is considered as golden hour in photography. So keeping that in mind, I took my gears and headed towards the Pashupati at dusk. I roamed until the sun turned red and finally settled at the view point which is at the back of the main temple and caught a view like this.


The Pashupatinath premises is enlighten with different lights such that it just looks divine. When the sun goes down the lighting of Pashupati is sure to take your hearts away.

Also you will be very pleased as monkeys won’t trouble you much at night.

The best part in Pashupati at night? 

Besides this the cherry on the cake is Aarti offered to Lord Shiva which starts in the late evening and lasts for roughly an hour. This is apparently a kind of prayer to the God offered my rotating and moving flames in various directions. This prayer is conducted from the opposite bank of Bagmati river back of the main temple. The sight of Aarti is so compelling that even atheists would start believing in religion for a moment observing those divine flames in motion. Don’t believe me then see this:


The Pashupatinath premises is a worth visit at night which will give you some mesmerizing observations along with plenty of goosebumps. Watch this vlog to see a part of Aarti in Pashupatinath.

Don’t miss the photos below as well.

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