NAMOBUDDHA- The Height of Tranquility

As a matter fact Nepal can be considered as the country of monasteries and stupas. Naming  major ones taking from Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath to Kopan monastery there are hundreds of monasteries across the country and Namobuddha is one of them.

At an immense height of a hill lies this monastery giving you a breathtaking view. To reach Namobuddha you’ll have to drive along the Arniko highway and take right just before reaching Dhulikhel. Once you do that then you’ll be redirected to Sindhuli highway. Unlike other roads of Nepal you’ll have a pleasant journey on this highway as it is probably the most well maintained highway Nepal has ever had. You can most likely to take a bus to reach here or probably a cab which will definitely cost you more.

What to do when you reach there?

First of all forget everything and go to a local stall for a cup of tea. You will know why I said this after you taste the tea. Then go a bit down for roughly five minutes until you find this stupa.

Once you are done roaming around this stupa then it’s the time to get some exercises for your feet. Enjoy your climb up the stairs and in some time you’ll see some kind of mini stupa something like this.

Then all you need to do is pan your head to see the main monastery just like this one..

The best part of Namobuddha?

When you finally go to the main monastery then you’ll never get enough of seeing what’s there but you’ll get tired of roaming because the area is too big. The monastery is a masterpiece of art made artificially but gives a tough competition to many natural beauties. Another thing worth mentioning about this place is the view you get from here. As the monastery is in immense height the view you get from here is just outstanding. To talk about the monastery it is almost entirely fenced with prayer wheels. Similarly there are a lot of objects and figures coated in art that will surely drop your jaws. Oops, don’t forget to lift it up.

Bottom line…

This place is fantastic and spiritual which makes it a worth visit. You’ll never get enough of this place but also remember you have to come back and read more articles of other beautiful places just like this.

Meanwhile watch my vlog and see the photos below:

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