NAAGDAHA: The Mini Fewa in Kathmandu

A snap of Naagdaha lake

Missing the huge and beautiful Fewa lake of Pokhara in Kathmandu? Not the same but to some extent you can get the similar experience around Kathmandu in Naagdaha Lake.

Yes, I am talking about the Naagdaha lake of Lalitpur. The name comes from ancient times where “Naag” stands for Serpent( half human and half snake creature) and “Daha” means lake. This lake is linked to Taudaha lake with a mythical story. In Newari mythology it is believed that the serpent king lives in Taudaha. And the one who lives in Naagdaha is the female serpent, probably the queen. It is supposed that they both visit the Panauti village once every 12 years in a festival held there. Too much of myths damn..

How do you get to Naagdaha?

To get to Naagdaha, first you need to get to Satdobato. From there you can find a bus or hire a cab to reach there. Then head a little towards Godavari road straight from the Satdobato road and take a right turn opposite to the Salesberry departmental store and move straight .You may ask people on your way to navigate you through in case you get confused.

Unlike Taudaha, here you don’t require to buy a ticket to enter. Once you get there you’ll know the reason why it is considered to be the mini Fewa. The surroundings of the lake provides you quite a lot. It is full of green visuals and also if you want a short hike then you can go up to Santaneshwor temple which is not too far from there. Its hard but somehow if you get bored exploring the premises then shake your pockets a bit to get onto the boat and row around mini Fewa. Also there are couple of restaurants where you can possibly hangout watching the scenery .

For now watch this vlog and also the photos below:

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