MUHAN POKHARI – Place Holding a Surprise

This place – Muhan Pokhari is not so popular and it is actually justifies why it is so underrated. This is because there is nothing much special about this place. But cheating our eyes Muhan Pokhari hides a secret paradise within which is absolutely mesmerizing.

Lets start off by getting to this place,

Ride along the Arniko highway until you get to the turning that leads you towards the Nagarkot road. You can now pretty much rely on google maps for your further navigation. At some point the road breaks where you need to stick to the right one to eventually get to your destination.

Let me unveil my diary of Muhan Pokhari,,

My sister had recommended this place for me where I got short of places to travel nearby. I rode on my motorcycle with my friend Abhishek convincing him to make it a very fun trip. Following google maps we reached Muhan Pokhari which made us so disappointed. There was literally nothing. All we got to see was a current of water flowing through a tunnel which gathered in a small artificial pool. On top of that the pool was even fenced with wires.  Can you believe it? My friend was just about to kill me after seeing that sight. Luckily we didn’t return immediately. Instead we inquired with the local people to see if there was any way to cross the fence. But that was kind of impossible as well as illegal. As said by the locals, in winters the water of Muhan Pokhari dries up making it even worthless.

But here’s the deal,

A woman said that you can’t cross the fence but there is a waterfall about 30 minutes walk from there if you want to go. So we decided to take all our chances. I thanked the woman and left for my half an hour walk up the hill. Another turning point came when the trail ended up nowhere. I then decided to go back but my friend said we better take the chances than heading back. Even there was no proper trail we somehow managed to continue. Fortunately I found a local man and asked if we were on the right path. He said just go down the hill for about 5 minutes and we’ll find our destination.

And finally we found the place due to which I’ve been able to write this blog post.

And at this moment I was really thankful to my friend who stopped me from returning back. Thanks Abhishek(MOTU) :P. 

A pic taken in Muhan Pokhari
He was laughing when I fell down.

The first sight you’re going to get will be this one –

The first waterfall of Muhan Pokhari

But the story doesn’t end here. This just gets better and better while you climb up. And the final one you’ll see will be something like this.

Main waterfall of Muhan Pokhari


To be precise, Muhan Pokhari itself doesn’t hold any specialty but rather hides a place which a person strives for. So, I would definitely suggest you to visit this place especially in Summers in order to have fun in the water. Muhan Pokhari is only about an hour drive from Kathmandu and worth every bit of  your time spent. Just keep one thing in mind – Don’t keep your gloves in your back pocket. I lost mine on that rough trail. Damn Muhan Pokhari!

Do watch the vlog below if you have doubt in my words..


And also take a look at the photos below:


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