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Most Expensive Whiskey Collection – This will blow your mind!

most expensive whiskey: Paterson collection

What is the most expensive alcohol you have bought or tasted till date? Or to be more specific what is the current net worth of your house. Because probably even that won’t meet the expenses of the World’s most expensive whiskey collection.

Here’s the real story behind Most Expensive Whiskey collection – 

This feed made headlines because of Macallan Distillery when it made the decision to auction the collection of six whiskeys. These whiskeys are about 50 to 60 years old and are to be auctioned in Hongkong. The price for this six bottle collection will possibly start from $500,000. So now evaluate your property to compare the prices. Many of you wont meet this but if hopefully you meet this, the story doesn’t end here.

Macallan Distillery just showed the trailer while Paterson collection released by Dalmore distillery won the prize for most expensive whiskey: Paterson collectionthe most expensive whiskey collection. Paterson Collection is considered to be one of its kind. This collection is a creation of White and Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson which is priced at a mind boggling amount of $1.2 million. Paterson is a well known celebrity in the whisky industry. This whiskey is in sale and can be picked from the distillery. The collection was released in 2013 which has not found its buyer yet. So, if your savings meet the criteria then you may want to spend all your money. But I know you won’t.

You must have heard about Dalmore..

Dalmore is famous for its premium collections in the luxury whiskey market. It reveals most expensive whiskey collections time to time. Constellation collection is considered to be the most famous one till date.

So what do you get for 1.2 million dollars?

The collection contains 12 bottles of Scotch whiskeys. The age of the whiskey vary which even include an alcohol which was distilled up to 1990s as well. They are bottled in custom crystal vessels made by Glencarin. It is further decorated with luxury jeweler Hamilton and Inches hand crafting and engraving.

most expensive whiskey: Paterson collection
Paterson holding one of his collections

Dalmore makes the list of  most expensive whiskeys every now and then. The most recent example from the previous year can be Dalmore 50 which was a 50 year old whiskey. It’s price was stated at ₤50000. 50 bottles of this collection were released on the occasion of Paterson’s 50th birthday and all have been sold.

I hope you till now you are done evaluating your property. Don’t be sad, even I cant afford this. So as we share same problem, how about leaving your thoughts in the comment section down below?


(Source: Forbes)


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