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BEWARE! Monkeys Terrorize Kathmandu


A snap taken in Pashupati

A leading newsportal of Nepal broadcasted a news where it has clearly stated that lives of people in Kathmandu is at huge risk due to monkeys of Kathmandu. The two main places where monkeys are majorly found in Kathmandu are Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath. Despite no such valid source is found but it has been clearly stated that a majority of these monkeys are infected with deadly diseases including cancer and HIV AIDS.

The real story about these monkeys –

Both the attractions – Swayambhunath and Pashupatinath are somehow famous for the monkeys that reside there. You may feel very ordinary to see groups of monkeys playing around the premises of these places. But no one ever has thought that they can be a huge threat for your life. A joint research was conducted by Washington University, California University of USA with Tribhuvan University of Nepal on 39 monkeys of Swayambhunath premises. The research concluded finding 37 out of 39 monkeys were infected with HIV and cancer. To be precise 37 monkeys showed up to have been infected with Retro virus and Simian virus. It also showed that the same threat can be obtained from Pashupati as well. It is because the monkeys are of same species in both the places.

 Swayambhu stupa  Pashupati premises

Let’s get you through some evidences now,

The results of the research became threatening when people came to Tropical Communicable disease Hospital in Kathmandu. 4 to 5 people came daily to the hospital stating they were attacked by monkey. Dr. Sher Bdr. Pun of  Shukraraj Tropical Communicable Disease hospital stated, ” There are high chances to get infected by these diseases if case an infected monkey bites you”. He also warned to be careful whenever you are near to them. 

On the other hand, the members of Pashupati Area Development Committee has something else to say. Commitee member Mr. Govinda Tandon said that they don’t have any idea on this matter.


It is very common to take an injection of Tetanus and Rabies in case you are bitten by monkey. But no one thinks of these life threatening diseases as its consequence. Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath are two of the main places of Kathmandu enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will hardly find a person who wouldn’t visit these places if they come to Kathmandu. Government has still not given any clarification about this issue. But at the same time you also can’t deny these reports as it is a question of your life. So, it is best to avoid visiting these places unless an authentic report is presented. Still if you decide to visit these places then don’t neglect any protection that is necessary.

Stay safe and make other’s safe.


(Source: News24)

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