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Latest Updates on WHITE GUMBA

So, this blog post is less of a travel experience and more of a news to all of you. If you are in Kathmandu then in some point of life you must have heard about Seto Gumba. If not also known as White Gumba. Also if you search in Google then you’ll find a lot of eye compelling photos of the site but wait. When you read the blog posts related to White Gumba, they say it is only open to visitors on Sundays. But there’s a different story hidden.

What’s the real matter then?

To talk about me, me and my sister planned to go there initially. So we rode to Swayambhunath at first and then navigated through Google maps which led us to Sitapaila sector of Ring road. Now the issue was that Google maps didn’t identify White Gumba, Urghhh. Luckily I had researched a bit and I also knew another name of the place i.e. Druk Amitabha Mountain and fortunately Google was aware of that name. The best part was the road which was no way confusing and the conditions were also good. It was like not a long way but the elevations were steep which made us attain a pretty good height in a short course of time.

About road conditions to White Gumba..

The road was good and directly led to the monastery but I decided to park my motorbike a bit down and take a short walk so that I could have a close look of everything I could possibly see there. I also saw couple of other monasteries on my way. As I was at a good elevation there was an eye catching view of the valley from the top. You’ll somewhat get this view of the monastery on your way.


It was really fun till here but the main twist was to come..

Taking some photos and vlogging a bit I eventually made it to White Gumba which almost made me cry because we found it to be closed even on Sunday. When I talked to the security guard there, he said that the monastery had been closed two years back since the earthquake and they were repairing it currently. I pleaded the security guard to let me take only one panning shot of the monastery but he was so rude he didn’t even consider(screw him). Perhaps that was a part of his job but still it was really rude. All other visitors were also getting mad at the guard but that was kind of senseless.

But luckily, 

There are places where you could have a good view and hangout for sometime getting some fresh air. Finally in the bottom line, if you have the sole motive of visiting the monastery then you definitely ought to find some other place but if you’re just looking forward for some chill and a short road trip then you could possibly enjoy going up there.

Just look at this vlog and imagine how disappointed I was..

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