KAKANI – Witnessing the Eastern Mountain Range

kakani: hill station around kathmandu

I’ve talked about some of the hill station around Kathmandu in my previous posts. Those are Dhulikhel, Namobuddha and Nagarkot. But there is one more left near the valley. It might be the most underrated one, yet amazing. Kakani can probably offer you the best among those three, so you better read this whole blog post.

First of all, let’s get you there,

Let me straightaway tell you that Google maps can be an ultimate solution for you. But if you are not so fond of navigating through maps then here’s your guide. At the first get to Balaju bypass bus station. You could possibly get buses from that particular station that leaves for Kakani. If you’re on your own then go towards Raniban through Balaju. In no time you’ll reach a check post, fill your details and carry on with your journey. The road is cloudy. Oh no, I got it wrong. It is actually dusty, LOL. Also a warning! Avoid visiting this place during downpours. When dust converts into mud, it will be much harder for you. The road is under construction since ages. You know the condition of Nepal right? In about an hour and half, you’ll get the fresh air of Kakani.

After you get there..

Wait! First of all rewind a bit and ask yourself what you’re going for – (1) A day picnic OR (2) An overnight stay?

Well to talk about picnic, Kakani is slowly gaining popularity as a picnic spot. There is a picnic spot where you can chill your day out and return. And 3 hours of drive – 1.5 each way, won’t be much pain in your ass. On the way you could visit some trout farms. Also get some fresh strawberries from the market for your own sake. To the downside I’m not so sure if you’ll get to witness the mountains because the best time for that are the mornings. So, because of this I would rather recommend for an overnight stay.

Are you up for an overnight stay? Here’s something I’m proud to endorse – View Himalaya Resort.

kakani: hill station around kathmandu
Bar at View Himalaya Resort
Something about View Himalaya Resort,

In total I’ve stayed here twice and haven’t got disappointed yet in any circumstances. The staff of the resort are full of life and the service they provide are just amazing. I won’t miss the food as well. It was really good. Also the location of the resort is at a good height and in a wide area. You could easily have view of mountains from the terrace of the resort. Lately they provide two type of rooms – standard and deluxe. The standard one is priced at Rs.2000 and the deluxe at Rs.3000. The price also includes breakfast for two. In every way the pricing is quite reasonable.

Is this the ultimate hill station around Kathmandu?kakani: hill station around kathmandu

Actually yes, actually no. See, Kakani is one of the best places around Kathmandu valley for your refreshment. The panoramic view of mountain range from this place is just amazing. Also there is a museum and trout farms you can visit. It is hard to get enough of this place because it offers you so much. However the only downside to it is the road condition. Staying is Nepal, you cannot say it worse but it is not suitable either. For a journey safe and sound you would rather want to choose Dhulikhel, Nagarkot or Namobuddha. But if you are visiting during good weather conditions then except dust nothing will give you much trouble. Also the month of November is ideal for grabbing good views. 


Kakani is a must visit place anyhow at least for once if you’re in Kathmandu valley. Needless to say it is one of the few hill station around Kathmandu valley. It is good for one day picnic but if you’re looking for an overnight stay then you know where to stay. Above I found Kakani to be an ultimate destination for relaxation. In the meantime, leave a comment if you’ve already had an experience in Kakani.

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