A Journey to SYDNEY…

Today’s post is going to have a personal taste. The post is all about my journey to Sydney from Kathmandu. Let’s get you into the context first. I’ve been living in Nepal since my childhood and have completed my studies till high school in Nepal. I also have an elder sister who’s been in Sydney for more than a decade. So, it was obvious to be a lot easier for me to adapt into the new environment. So, after I got my visa I booked the ticket to Sydney from a travel agent called Sumegh. I highly recommend this place if you have any travel plans. They are professionals and provide high quality service.

My date to fly was fixed for 9th of July and the departing time was 10:55 at night. I stepped out of my house around 7:30 and took around and hour to reach the airport. Obviously the reason was the traffic jam of Kathmandu. So here’s a suggestion to plan your trip wisely if you are going around Kathmandu. Eventually reached the airport at 9 and then checked in. I then boarded into the plane at the given time and flew to the transit point.

On the way to Hongkong..

I flew till Hongkong in Dragon Air and there’s not pretty much to explain about it. It was 11 at night when the plane took off. After about an hour they brought the food. There was the option between fish potato and chicken rice. I went for the chicken rice. The food was OK I would say. Not bad but not out of the world as well. They also had choice in beverages with couple of hard drinks as well. Overall the service in Dragon Air was good. 

When the watch switch ticked the mark of 5:30 am, I landed in Hongkong. The airport was pretty big. It took me about half an hour to reach my boarding gate. I then finally took off for Sydney at 8:30.

Journey to Sydney:

Now my flight switched to Cathay Pacific. After about an hour the flight took off, they served me with the breakfast. Again there was a choice between the one with sausage and other with fish. I went for the one with sausage and I must say the whole meal was delicious. After a couple of hours they served the lunch. I went for pork rice. To be honest the way pork was made wasn’t my type. Besides the pork everything was awesome. Taking from their service to the meals they served, it was all superb. After watching 2 to 3 movies I safely landed in Sydney at 8 pm. 

In Sydney my sister came to pick me up at the airport. It was late at night, so we took a cab to our home keeping all the plans for upcoming days.

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