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HINDI MEDIUM – Movie Review (4.5/5 ratings)

HINDI MEDIUM - Movie Review

Alongside Half Girlfriend, another film entitled “Hindi Medium” has clashed last friday. The film stars Irfan Khan and Saba Qamar in the lead roles. Along with them the cast also includes Deepak Dobbriyal, Amrita Singh, Swati Das, Dishita Sehgal, Delzad Hiwale, Jaspal Sharma and Vijay Kumar Dogra. The film is directed by Saket Chaudary and is produced under the banner of T-Series.

Watch the trailer below:

Let’s talk about the plot..

Irfan Khan plays the role of Raj alongside Meeta played by Saba. They both are a happily married couple who are just struggling for one thing. They just want to admit their child Piya to a boarding school for her quality education. For this they are willing to keep everything at stake. They themselves have to train and that all for their child’s admission in a boarding school. As parents they are not good especially at English. That’s why they want their child to get the English culture.

They totally change their lifestyle. From shifting their residence, trying to bribe to preparing illegal documents, they do not see any limits. During this they change their lifestyle to upper class leaving behind their roots. They also try to gain the admission from the deprived quota. This makes them transform their lives totally. In the climax they just realize that they were making a huge mistake. The so called sophistication are just a face of hypocrisy. Finally they decide to enroll their child to a Government school.

Hindi Medium Movie Review:

The film combines everything you look for. It is a combo of comedy, emotions, satires, socialism and what not. This film is primarily a bitter satire to present education system. Besides this it gives a very pathetic but a very beautiful visualization of poverty and the so called high class sophistication. Irfan Khan as always has just nailed the role. His comedic timings are just awesome. Saba Qamar has also justified her role very well proving that she is a capable actress. The cherry on the cake is Deepak Dobbriyal who has a small role but steals the limelight.

The direction of the movie is carried out very well and it is reflected as you do not get bored throughout the movie.

Bottom line,

To make it short, Hindi Medium is a pure masterpiece. I can surely say that this movie will bag a bunch of awards this year. The movie is a very powerful satire to TODAY’S WORLD. Regardless which type of audience you are, you will probably enjoy this movie to the fullest. 

Also if I would to choose between Half Girlfriend and Hindi Medium, the choice is simply Hindi Medium. And drop down your views on this movie in the comment section down below.


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