FULCHOWKI HILL: Story of an Exhausting Hike

Fulchowki, Its me

Most of us have heard about Fulchowki hill. It is because Fulchowki hill is one of the rare places around Kathmandu valley where one can possibly enjoy snowfall. But in case you do not know about this Fulchowki, let me tell you. This place is entered through the portal of Godavari. It is about 13 km from Godavari. Also you could almost reach the height of Fulchowki from a vehicle. However in my case I chose walking because I was in a full mood of hiking.

Let me get you to Fulchowki first, 

On a fine day of Saturday, I turned the key in my motorcycle and rode till Godavari marble factory. You can perform this stunt easily with the help of Google maps. Then I parked my bike and and got my feet to work. Here’s something funny. The first milestone you’ll see has been written as “Fulchowki-1 km”. Seeing that I was really surprised and happy thinking JUST A KILOMETER. But the twist came when I got the site of second milestone which read “Fulchowki-12 km” (WTF). The first one had to be 13 km which just had its “3” erased. What could be worse than this?

Actually there is. Honestly speaking the Fulchowki trail disappointed me as every step I took forward was quite identical- Nothing new. Also i would suggest you to take some good amount of snacks before the hike. You’ll barely find any food and drinks to buy on the trail of Fulchowki. After walking for about 7 km I had my first view of mountains something like this,

Fulchowki, Mountain view

Listen to my tragic story now…

In my story, I didn’t reach the maximum height because when I accomplished my 10 km, I found out that there hadn’t been any snowfall in Fulchowki. On the contrary the very previous day of my hiking, there was a bit precipitation in Kathmandu. Even though snowfall hadn’t occurred, the road at the height was very slippery as the ice was melting and was flowing along  the road. You could also have a sight of rhododendrons on your path and some frozen leaves as well.

But here’s the real tragedy –

I returned back from Fulchowki totally exhausted after climbing 10 km and on the next day I opened my camera. I pulled out the SD card and inserted into my laptop. What I discovered was that all the photos and videos I had taken were found to be nowhere. This was the worst thing that happened. I just couldn’t cry at that moment. But I tried and recovered some of my data with the help of a software called Recuva. On one hand all the photos were alright but the videos were all corrupted making them unusable.

You can see my lastly recovered photos and also a bit of footage in my vlog which is less of travel and more of a notice:

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