DHULIKHEL- Hillstation Within a Couple of Hours

Living in Kathmadu or be it Lalitpur or Bhaktapur, everybody wonders of a hillstation where they can visit to have a look at the mountains but at the same time wont be much time consuming. Most of the people wish to have a refreshing weekend and what could be a better choice than a scenic hill station. And perhaps its Dhulikhel you’ll be going next.

So here’s the deal,

If you are in the valley and wish the same then no need to think much, simply visit Dhulikhel. You can have a panoramic view of mountains of Nepal. About an hour and half drive from the center of the capital city, you will be able to reach Dhulikhel. Unlike many roads of Nepal the road is not rough so you can have a smooth journey and wont be much heavy on your pockets either. It is one of the best places for instant refreshment and hanging out with your friends and family.

But that’s not all, Dhulikhel has a lot to offer..

This place is also highly suitable for overnight stays. If you’re planning to stay there overnight then my recommendation would be Himalayan Sunrise Guest House. This hotel is built on the edge of the hill and they provide you different types of rooms. I would suggest a room with a private balcony where you can see the scenic view of Himalayas in full serenity. But in my case unfortunately fog covered everything and all I could see was the sunrise something like this. However at the same time I didn’t like the food they served. So you probably want to have your food in restaurants at a very reasonable price.

This was my room.

To talk about activities you can do here, watching mountains is the main. Besides this there is a place called Shantiban with a giant statue of Buddha with a huge smile on the face. You need to bring your feet and lungs in a bit work as you need to climb steps to reach there. Also you can take a short ride to the beach of Dolalghat to indulge yourself into the white water of Bhotekoshi river. Above all you can visit the Sanga Mahadev on the way to Dhulikhel. Sanga Mahadev is the biggest statue of Lord Shiva which looks like this.

A warning as well- It is highly recommended to visit this place during early winters and springs when the climate will be clear to get the view of mountains. In my case I wasn’t lucky enough because the cloud didn’t show me much love.

Here’s the link to the website of Himalayan Sunrise guest house.

Also have a look at my vlog and the photos below:

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