CHHAIMALE RESORT: An hour getaway

Chhaimale Resort at night

If you are in Kathmandu living the same daily life, tired from your workflow, bored completing the same obligations or simply looking for a place to travel then Chhaimale resort deserves to be in your top 10 list. To the hillside in full serenity Chhaimale resort undoubtedly provides the suitable environment for your rejuvenation.

You may ask why. Read the full article and find it yourself.

About an hour drive from Balkhu bus stop, Kathmandu towards the south is the place where you can quench your thirst ticking a mark in your checklist of travel. Chhaimale resort is about 22 km south from Kathmandu. If you have enough time to explore then while moving towards Chhaimale resort you can see the scenery from Chovar hill. You can visit Manjushree park as well on your way. Also when you get more further, Taudaha lake is waiting for you to be appreciated for its beauty.

Besides this if you have a strong devotion in Hinduism then you can’t resist yourselves from visiting the Dakshinkali temple. The temple is regarded to be one of the most sacred places in Hindu religion. Some rough roads are going to show up after you cross the Dakshinkali temple which will definitely change your appearance unless you are in a vehicle with all windows shut or else in a raincoat. After driving approximately 4 kilometers on the roughs you finally reach Chhaimale resort.

Now get into the environment of Chhaimale Resort..

After you enter the gate, park your vehicles and explore the typical Chhaimale environment then you are sure to forget all the hardships you overcame to reach this place. Go to the reception and get confused to select your room because they provide 4 different types of rooms. The first one is deluxe with all the comforts you need and the second one is standard room primarily made of wood. They also provide tent rooms to give you a thrill of camping but along with an attached bathroom, can you believe it? The last type is the dormitory rooms especially provided to give you the taste of local home-stay. Above all they also have different packages to meet your demands and do note that they have different rates – one for Nepalese, one for SAARC nationalities and for other foreigners.

Let me tell you my story..

Well the room I choose was a tent and I got it for Rs. 2000 which is the Nepalese rate. Besides this they also provide you with short hiking to some Chowkti devi. Here you can do bird watching, sight seeing and also see the mountains if you are lucky enough. Above all there is a BBQ facility available. Plus they also have live performances in the evenings where you can perform as well.

A snap taken in the resort
A snap taken in the resort
The best part?

The cherry in the cake is the food they serve. You surely aren’t going to regret the food you order here.


Bottom line,

Summing up everything, you can hangout with your friends and family to spend some quality time in Chhaimale resort. Once you checkout from the Chhaimale resort I bet that you’ll promise yourself to visit this place once again.

Visit the official website of Chhaimale Resort HERE to get updates on latest deals.

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