CHANDRAGIRI HILLS – Extremely Overrated With Chunks of Disappointments

The ultimate height with much of ease, Chandragiri cable car station has been successful in gaining popularity in the last few months. This cable car station is the first one established in Kathmandu and maybe the third one in Nepal after Hetauda and Manakamana ropeway.

So how do you get to Chandragiri?

You will be able to reach the Chandragiri cable car station after about half and hour ride from the Kalanki bus park. Don’t expect a pleasant ride because it is probably the most crowded highway of Kathmandu and the dust and dirt you will be facing there will be a lifetime experience. To reach the cable car station you have to stick to your left side and it won’t be difficult to find the because there are directions throughout the way.

The fascinating part..

When you reach the cable car station you will be astonished to compare between the road you passed and your destination. There is no doubt that Chandragiri cable car station is maintained really well . Also cable car ride is always a fun thing to do. I personally feel that riding a cable car gives the feeling of an airplane to some extent. About 13 minutes of cable car ride passing couple of hills you reach Chandragiri height.

Lets talk about some attractions of Chandragiri..A picture of my father in Chandragiri

After you get off the cable car, you will need to pull the chain of your jackets because the wind up there is waiting to kiss you really hard. Now enjoy the scenery and and then incline a bit to see the temple of Bhaleshwor Mahadev. There is a view tower and a restaurant up there as well. The main thing is the scenic view of mountain range you’ll get from there if the weather is clear in Chandragiri.



As the title says, now the disappointments come,

The point that disappointed me in Chandragiri the most is the ticket price which in my opinion is way too high. They initially charge Rs. 700 per person( two way) and Rs. 425( one way) for Nepalese people with some percentage of discounts for children, disabled and students. Besides the rate of SAARC residents  are INR 700 and $22 for other foreigners. Frankly speaking the price for Nepalese are stated a bit high compare to their lifestyle in average. Also if you are hungry then you’ll be compelled to eat in their restaurant because you are not allowed to take any outside foods there. And trust me the restaurant up there is surely going to make your pockets light.


In the bottomline,

I would love to write more but unfortunately that was it I found in Chandragiri. I was not impressed to the hell and was really disappointed in contrary to the headlines it had generated. If you haven’t visited this place then in my opinion it is good to look for some other places. In case you have changed your idea then Sundarijal could be a good option for you. But at the end of the story its your decision that matters.

Maybe the photos and my vlog below will hopefully help you take your decision.

In the meantime please let others know what you think about Chandragiri.

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