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CANON 1200D – The DSLR You Need to Get Started

Best beginner DSLR

Nowadays at some point everyone has a wish to own a DSLR camera. The reason vary from person to person. While professionals are going good at their jobs, there are many people who want to own one. These type of people are usually seen using the Auto modes. Jokes apart but people just want to capture their moments so perfectly, and by perfect I mean high quality. But you can’t also deny the fact that few people just use it as a medium to show off. So my personal suggestion would be to know at least the basics of photography to own a DSLR. For this you don’t need to take proper classes nowadays. Internet provides you with loads of facilities for you skill enhancement.

In general, cameras are expensive devices. Above that DSLR comes in a huge price range. You can get it from $400 all the way up to $10,000. Well, this post will be the review of the most budget friendly DSLR if you are willing to take a leap in photography. And as the title says, its the Canon 1200D.

Best beginner DSLR

Let’s talk about the features..

This DSLR in it’s price range is quite good for its features. Definitely it is a crop sensor camera you are going to get Best beginner DSLRfor around 500 bucks. It is the successor of the previous model Canon 1100D. The camera packs an 18 megapixel CMOS Sensor. It runs on a relatively fast DIGIC 4 image processor. To talk to about the auto focus it has 9 focus points  and 3 different modes i.e. One Shot, AI Focus and AI Servo. The ISO of this camera ranges from 100 to 6400. You can shoot JPEG images of different sizes along with an option to shoot RAW images as well. It also have a built-in pop up flash which comes handy in harsh light situations.

To talk about the video mode, it shoots full HD video at only 30 fps. It you’re going for 720p, then you have the option for 60 fps.

My Experience with the camera –

To be honest this is the first DSLR I’ve owned and totally satisfied for what it offers for it’s price. I also took a vocational training in photography to unleash it’s full potential. Carrying this camera, I’ve shot a lot of pictures in functions, in my travels and what not. The output from this camera is high in quality and quite professional if you have some knowledge. The only downside for photography is the low number of focus points.

With this, there are some downsides in this price range as well. The video functionality of this camera is very limited. As I’ve said before it only shoots 30 fps in 1080p. So you better forget about slow motion feature. Also there is no built in function for timelapses. You will need an external remote for that.

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The verdict…

Overall, Canon 1200D is a great beginner DSLR camera, if not the best. If you’ve just gained your interest in photography, then this is good to be your ideal choice. For around $500 with the kit lens, it is quite enough to get you started in the world of photography. However if you are much bent towards video works then you might want to look for something else. In the meantime to drop your comments about this camera or any other suggestions you have.

Have a look at some best shots I’ve took with this camera:

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