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BOYKA-Undisputed: Movie Review; 4/5 stars

The undisputed franchise a.k.a Boyka has always wowed us and so does its fourth installment. The film stars Scott Adkins in the lead role along with Teodora Duhovnikova, Alon Aboutboul, Martyn Ford, Brahim Achabbakhe and Emilien De Falco. The film is directed by  Todor Chapkanov and produced under the banner of Nu Image.

Watch the trailer here first:

Let’s get you into the plot of Boyka,

As a culture of the Undisputed franchise, this one too starts with a fight. And as usual Yuri Boyka considered as the most complete fighter in the world played by Scott Adkins beats the opponent. The story starts with Boyka getting an opportunity to step out of the underground illegal fights to the world of authentic tournaments. Before that he fights with one of his opponents Victor played by Emilen De Falco and kills him accidentally. Due to this accident, Boyka gets nightmares making him feel guilty. He comes to the point to question every single struggle he had done till date.

The story continues…

He inquires about Victor and finds out about his wife Alma played by Teodora Duhovnikova. Even though his tournament was nearing and had to fly to Budapest, he rather decides to go and confess to Alma. Then he leaves  for Russia where he is one  of the names in the wanted list. There he finds Alma under debt to a man Zourab (Alan Aboutboul) who also owned a fight club. Alma worked for him as a waitress in his fight club to pay her and  her husband’s debt. 

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Now Boyka try to free her from the debt she owed to Zourab. The deal would be to fight in his club to free Alma. Boyka wins the first fight easily. In the second one he is made to fight against two. He wins that as well but injuring his back. In the next one he fights with Igor played by Brahim Achabbakhe and beats him with a bit difficulty. The last fight takes place between him and Koshmar played by Martyn Ford. With much pain and injuries Boyka somehow manages to beat him as well. But Zourab betrays and try to kill Boyka after the deal is completed. However Boyka kills Zourab ending up himself behind the bars and couldn’t make it to his tournament.

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Movie Review –

Undoubtedly Boyka franchise is one of the best contribution to the action category of the film world. The screenplay of the movie is awesome. All the characters justify their respective roles. Scott Adkins is amazing in his mix martial arts as always. 

Needless to say the main part to focus on the story are its fights. The fights are so well choreographed and a good sense of cinematography is taken hand in hand which makes it more appealing. The team of Boyka has become successful to keep you engaging throughout the movie.


Of course, Boyka 4 is a must watch. If you are an action lover then trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this movie for sure. Boyka 4 has everything to keep you indulged and makes your heart pounding in its action sequences. I keep this movie under the categories of re-watchable movies and I am going to watch it once again. 

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