BOUDDHANATH – The Mini Tibet in Nepal

About 30 minutes from the center of Kathmandu lies the world’s biggest stupa – Bouddhanath stupa. Speaking about me my initial plan was a road trip to Kulekhani. But I ended up finding that the road was under construction. So, I highly suggest if you are planning to go Kulekhani through Chiltang road then do enquire thoroughly before heading. On the other hand hiking wouldn’t be much problem I guess. I had to return when I got little ahead from Chandragiri and eventually my new year was in the name of Bouddhanath.

Now the story begins..

When I reached Bouddhanath it had been around 12 in the noon due to traffic jams. Being hungry in this situation is a very normal thing to happen. So first I went to a restaurant to ease my appetite. I had my lunch in a restaraunt named Patio and the food was really good there. After a while I stood up to explore the premises of Bouddha. To my surprise when I entered the area of Bouddha, the sight was just astonishing. On that particular day of new year, Bouddhanath literally overflowed with people. Maybe it was because on that day some of the restricted entrances inside the premises were opened. People were also allowed to go up to the stupa which had just been reconstructed. So say it a luck or a coincidence my new year came up to me with something new. At this point I had no regret that I couldn’t go to Kulekhani.

The best part about Bouddhanath,

Bouddhanath stupa

Roaming around the stupa of Bouddha is something you’ll get tired but never get enough of it. There were so many things going on and people busy in their own daily activities. Also there are bunch of restaurants where you can get almost everything to eat. Particularly the specialty of this place are Tibetan foods. Also there is an alternative as well to the restaurants and in fact a good one. You just have to explore some nooks and corners in the premises to have a sight of local eateries. Here you can enjoy various kinds of Tibetan eateries. The most popular dish people come for is Laphing. Laphing  is basically a kind of spicy noodles served cold.

Besides Thukpas and Tibetan soups are also really famous here.


In the conclusion, I find Bouddhanath a place inside the valley where you can hangout and have fun to great extent but at the same time also feel inner peace. This is the place even above Pashupati and Swayambhu which deserves to be in the list. This is a place where one can experience the environment of Tibet inside Nepal.

And if you still have any doubt then have a look at this vlog:

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