BHAKTAPUR- The Perfect Taste of Ancient Times

A temple of Bhaktapur

Also known as Bhadgaon or Khwapa in Newari, Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar city located in the eastern corner of the Kathmadu Valley. Bhaktapur is historically more isolated than other two kingdoms- Kathmandu and Patan and has a distinctly different form of Newari language.

A glimpse of Bhaktapur

So how to get to Bhaktapur?

As this place is one of the famous place, it is never hard to get around. Located about 10 km from the capital city you can find numbers of buses that go to Bhaktapur from major busparks or else you can always hire a cab.

There is no need to say that this place is artistically rich. It is a perfect combination of art and culture. To talk about the attractions Bhaktapur has Nyatapol, 55 windowed palace, Dattatraya temple, Golden gate, Durbar Square, Changu Narayan temple and many more.

The main attraction is the Durbar Square which is like a courtyard consisting numbers of small temples and different sort of arts and crafts. Also you can witness different kinds of arts and crafts of ancient period in Bhaktapur museum. It is located right beside the Golden Gate. Also beside to the museum is the Golden gate. Another major attraction is the Nyatapol also known as the five storyed palace. This is basically a temple built in famous pagoda style and looks like this. King Bhupatindra Malla of Malla dynasty had built most of the attractions of Bhaktapur including Nyatapol and 55 windowed palace. Bhupatindra Malla is one of the main Kings of Malla dynasty who ruled Bhaktapur.

That’s not all..

You can do a lot of things in this place. You can roam around the Durbar Square area without having the idea of time passing. Also there are number of restaurants where you can hangout refreshing yourselves. However it is highly recommended to try some local eateries because you are simply going to love it. Here’s the deal, you will be amazed to roam the local market of Bhaktapur and try their special curd. They call it Juju Dhau meaning King of Curds. Buttery on the surface and chilled from inside, this yogurt is sure to be the best one you’ve ever tasted.

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