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BEGUM JAAN; Movie Review – 2.5/5 stars

Begum Jaan

In the era of rising feminism comes another bollywood film taking the same topic. Begum Jaan released last Friday on the date of 14th April, 2017. The film stars Vidya Balan, Gauhar Khan, Pallavi Sharda and Chunky Pandey in the lead roles. There are other actors as well such as Nasserudin Shah, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ila Arun, Rajit Kapoor, Vivek Mushran and many more. Begum Jaan is apparently a remake of a Bengali film RajkahaniThe film is directed by Sirjit Mukherjii and produced under the banner of Play Entertainment and Vishesh Films. Also Amitabh Bacchann has given a voice over for the narration of the film.

Watch the trailer of Begum Jaan:

Lets get into the plot of Begum Jaan:

The story revolves around the time of 1947 when India and Pakistan were separated. A border line was planned in such a rough way that it would go through middle of a house and it was undoubtedly the house of Begum Jaan played by Vidya Balan. The house is apparently a brothel run by Begum Jaan and her other workers played by Gauhar Khan as Rubina and few other actresses. The character of Begum Jaan is portrayed to be a strong and an influential one. One sudden day they get a notice to leave the house as the border line had to pass from there. Begum Jaan refuses the proposal which makes officers played by Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajit Kapoor to use force against her. But that doesn’t work as Begum Jaan had an influence over a local King of the area, Rajaji played by Naseerudin Shah.

A turn in the story,
Begum jaan
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Rajaji goes to Delhi to sort out the matter of Begum Jaan but returns helpless as it was a burning national issue and nothing could be done. At the same time officers hire a local contract killer Kabir played by Chunkey Pandey to kick Begum off her house. He then puts his all effort in doing so by killing few of Begum’s some workers. Then Begum and her workers decide to fight anything that comes between. One sudden night Kabir attacks Begum’s house resulting into firing from both sides. During the fight the house is set to fire and at the end Begum along with other girls enter the house that is on fire.

Movie Review – 

Begum Jaan is a story of rough feminism driven nowhere. The screenplay of the movie is not up to the mark and could have been much better. Some of the scenes are arranged very roughly that you miss the flow of the story. Besides, Amma recites a story is certain interval of female personalities like Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, Meera Bai etc which is visualized in the face of Vidya Balan. Those scenes do not fit the story perfectly as well and get you off track. Unlikely the beginning of the film is connected with the ending in a very smart way when an old woman undresses herself.

Vidya Balan stands strong to her character as Begum Jaan and justifies it. But sometimes you get confused that is she good or bad. Gauhar Khan also does it well and have some bold scenes as well. On the other hand Chunky Pandey outstandingly plays an antagonist character of Kabir. You’ll surely be astonished to see this part of him after is characters in Housefull franchise.                                                                                                                                            

Begum Jaan
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Points to be considered:

The film is full of slang words and abuses. So definitely it is limited for the audience of 18 years and above. There are few intimate scenes in the movie as well. Also some scenes are full of violence that can probably shatter you. The best part of the film is dialogues, specially delivered by Vidya Balan. The dialogues perfectly fit the situations and the aura Balan presents it is just awesome. There are few songs in the film that are neatly fitted into the story but none of them are jaw dropping.


Needless to say, Begum Jaan is another film based on female integrity. You will surely find it good if your thoughts are rebel. But if you are light heart then considering the point of extreme violence you may not be the suitable audience. Even though the film goes off track in some scenes, the dialogues of the film and a strong performance given by Vidya Balan brings it 2.5 ratings out of 5.

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