BASANTAPUR: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Either you live in Nepal or you are living abroad (because anyhow you’ll land in Kathmandu if you come to Nepal unless you enter from Indian border) you’ll definitely visit Basantapur Durbar area. The place also popularly known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square has been successful in enlisting itself as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Getting to Basantapur is really easy..

There’s definitely not much difficulty in reaching this place because pretty much everyone knows about this place. There are a lot of buses which stops at NAC bus stop. From there you just need to walk straight towards Basantapur through New Road. You can also possibly take a cab for a smooth experience. So, there’s an information before you visit here. If you’re a foreigner  then you’ll have to buy a ticket. There are about 4 entrances to enter the premises where you can buy the pass from the ticket counters. I guess the ticket costs about Rs. 1000 per person and there is probably some discounts for SAARC residents.

The best part about this place is that the attractions are endless.

To talk about the attractions of Basantapur, there are plenty of. Some of them are Basantapur palace, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, statue of Kaal Bhairav, Taleju temple and so on. Even inside the premises you need to follow some rules and regulations as well. You can also visit a museum inside the Durbar Square but I’m not sure if it’s open now. It was being renovated after the devastating earthquake of April 2015. Even though most of the temples and attractions of this area were destructed during the earthquake, it still holds some artistic beauties which is worth a visit.

You shouldn’t miss the things below,

The main attractions of this site are Kaal Bhairav, Swet Bhairav, Taleju temple, Nasal Chowk of Durbar Square and Kumari residence. Kaal Bhairav is a black statue of a Hindu God known for his fearful appearance. Swet Bhairav is a Hindu god and it is only revealed during the festival of Indra Jatra held annually. Also you can have a sight of Taleju temple from outside. You can’t go straight away into the premises because it is only opened during the festival of Dashain and only for Hindus. To talk about Kumari, she is considered as the only living goddess in the world. Besides these sites there are number of temples and arts. The Giant bell and the Huge drums in the premises are the things which catches your eyes as well.

What else can you do in Basantapur?

Around Basantapur you got a couple of options to indulge yourselves. You could either go for shopping in the local markets of Indrachowk. Or else you can hangout in the restaurants of Freak street where you have numerous choices. Also in the evenings you can enjoy some of the local street foods around.

Bottom line,

This place is an all round package for anyone visiting Nepal. Even the local people do not get tired of this place. Basantapur, even after the earthquake holds a lot to please your eyes.

Don’t believe it then see it for yourself in the vlog and photos below:

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