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Off To Balmoral Beach – Late Post

A long gap between the previous post and this one. On top of that the reasons are the same old busy life. Making transition from a dependant lifestyle to independant, it’s hard most of the times and that too in a new place.  

Keeping those aside here’s another travel blog post and I think that this is not going to of the same length as my previous posts used to be. There’s a major reason behind that. Before, precisely in Nepal, I used to travel by myself to places in my bike. So, during those days I got the sense of the road and stuffs. But now, the option I use to travel is by public transportation( trains and buses). However it was a car ride I got for Balmoral beach.

How to get to Balmoral Beach? or more particulary “How I got there”

It was all about my sister’s friend’s car, we got into it and in some time stepped out in the ambience of Balmoral. According to my research some buses go to Balmoral from different places. For a convenient way, you can book an uber or take a cab to the beach. 

When I got there the scene was something like this..

Balmoral Beach

The differences between Balmoral and other beaches is that I saw a lot of boats there. And there is no surprise in finding seagulls around. My sister and her friend was chilling out when I was busy shooting some awesome shots which you can see by clicking the play button below:

After a bit of sightseeing we were hungry..

So, we stepped into a restaurant and the link is here – Bertoni, Balmoral. To be honest you’re going to have to wait not just for the food but for a seat as well. And that was the same that happened to us because it was a Sunday. Do you wanna look at what we got for the lunch? Well it’s in the video above.


While there are some famous beaches like Coogee, Bondi etc in Sydney, Balmoral is for is for the people who live to the northern side and want a quick getaway. Also it can be some new experience for you if you always see yourselves in the above mentioned beaches.

So, it’s the end of this post and the next one will be something more interesting. Till then read my previous post if you haven’t.

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