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BAHUBALI-The Conclusion: Movie Review(5/5 stars)

Bahubali 2

Probably the most awaited film of the decade is finally out now. Roughly about a couple of years ago S.S Rajamouli left the whole world in a suspense i.e. “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?”. Finally the wait is over. The film released today on the day of April 28th , 2017. The second installment of the film was planned to be released in 2016. However Bahubali 2 took a bit time and is finally released a year later. This has set our expectations ever higher.

Bahubali 2
Mahendra Bahubali and Bhallaldeva
Something about Bahubali 2 –

The film stars Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Tamannah Bhatia, Rana Daggubati, Sathyaraj, Ramya Krishnan and Nassar in the lead roles. S.S Rajamouli has directed this film. It is produced under the banner of Arka Media Works. Bahubali 2 has been completed with a huge budget of 2.5 billion Indian rupees. Also the film will be released in more than 8000 screens as stated by the reports. It has also been successful in breaking numbers of records prior to its release.

The Bahubali franchise is a mixture of love, hatred, patriotism, conspiracy, revenge and what not. The story line revolves around ancient times. In Bahubali 1, king Bahubali(Prabhas) was killed by one of his most trusted men Kattapa(Sathyaraj). It left everyone in deep suspense as the film ended. Eventually we will be able to find why he did so after two years . And I’m pretty sure Bahubali didn’t send Katappa a Candy Crush request, LOL!

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The story of the movie:
Bahubali 2
Katappa with Bahubali’s son

Needless to say after Bahubali is declared to be the King of Mahishmati, the story continues. The first half of the film is lively and full of comic moments. All thanks to Katappa who makes it so charming and funny. Before the day of taking throne, Katappa and Bahubali go for a tour in disguise. In this duration Bahubali falls in love with Devasena, princess of a small kingdom. Bhallaldev and Bijlaldev plans a conspiracy to make misunderstandings between Shivgaminidevi and Bahubali. Wait I’m not going to tell you the full story. I don’t want to ruin the suspense so you better go and watch it yourself. Just I’m going to say is this particular conspiracy resulted Katappa to kill Bahubali. And after that Katappa kind of rebels along with Shiva(Mahendra Bahubali) against Bhallaldeva. Eventually he kills Bhallaldeva and take the throne to himself.

Bahubali 2
The mighty Bhalaldeva
Movie Review – 

Bahubali just makes you speechless. S.S Rajamouli has made a gem in the history of Indian Cinema. The film has comedy, emotions, betrayal, conspiracies, revenge, action and what not. The VFX of the film is carried out quiet good. The actors also clearly justify their respective roles. Sathyaraj as Katappa just steals the show in his comic timings and action sequences. One thing that kind of disappointed was Tamannah didn’t have any dialogues. Besides this Bahubali is the library of creativity. Some of the action sequences are so precisely and uniquely choreographed that they will leave your jaw dropping. The cinematographer of the film K.K Senthil Kumar has just nailed it.

Conclusion of the CONCLUSION:

When a fantastic direction, wise screenplay and a marvelous story meets together, a perfect film like Bahubali is made. Films like Bahubali can be witnessed once in a long interval of time. Its first installment was incompletely fantastic. This had set the expectations even higher. The second installment in no way lets you down. It is undoubtedly a must watch and a rewatchable as well. This is what a modern Mahabharata will look like. Also it has grabbed imdb ratings of 9.1 and increasing. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find out why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

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