All About Digital Photography

Since the development in the photography field till now many changes have been observed. From the journey of printing photographs from shadows to the advancement by the cameras digital photography is the latest used photography technique till date. Overcoming some of the difficulties faced in conventional photography, digital photography is widely used in the present time.Its me holding my dslr camera

Digital photography has itself had many changes since its invention. Mavicca Camera manufactured by Sony company was considered the father of all digital cameras but itself it was not a digital camera. Rather its was a way similar to a video camcorder. Only the difference was that a video camera consumed 25 frames per second but in this camera only one frame was consumed in a click. A 2 inch floppy was used in the camera as storage. To make image digital, a special card was used in the camera.

Quick Take 100 camera manufactured by Apple Inc was the first digital camera. The camera was so expensive that people had to sell their properties if they wished to own one.

Advantages of Digital Photography over Conventional Photography

  • No film is required
  • Color lab is optional
  • Possibility of quick playback
  • Possibility to take snaps with preview
  • Possibility of quick correction
  • One can delete unwanted image
  • Easy to do computer work
  • Possible to design
  • Possibility of internet manipulation

Some Drawbacks of Digital Photography

  • It is slightly slower
  • It is somewhat expensive
  • It needs proper education  (computer knowledge as well)
  • Unwanted manipulation is increasing
  • Fakeness is increasing

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