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Hello reader!

My name is Roger and I am the sole owner of this website. If you want to know more about me then head over to this page-Click Here.

Now let's talk about this site. To be honest the main reason behind starting this website was the rapid growth of internet market. I am a photographer, videographer and a travel enthusiast. So, I decided to start this website on a topic I find interesting and you people will enjoy experiencing through this website.

Getting into the facts this website is primarily based on three components- Travel, Photography and Lifestyle. 

Let me get you clear on this:

TRAVEL: Since my childhood I had a tremendous amount of curiosity to know and experience new things. What could be more better than travelling new places. Staying in Nepal helped me a lot to quench my thirst of travel as it is a naturally as well as culturally diverse country. Keeping that in mind this website aims to give you all round information about travel in every possible way. Every blog post of this website related to travel is optimized on a goal of providing you huge chunks of information to broaden your knowledge.

PHOTOGRAPHY: As I've said I'm a photographer then how could I miss this. This website holds full ownership of all the photos that are marked for sale purposes. Except some of the photos used in blog posts all the photos are under copyright of this website. Photography and travel has a very intense relationship. You can buy all the photos that are available which were taken by me on my travels. Besides there are other stock photos as well you can purchase for different purposes from HERE. Also CLICK HERE to view my latest YouTube videos.

LIFESTYLE: Our daily life is determined by various aspects. So this website also aims to keep you updated on latest news that impact your lifestyle. Regardless of any topic the matter belongs to, you can always find latest updates that are mainly related to travel, photography, movies, technology, hacks and many more. This website holds a motive to help you improve and enhance your lifestyle with qualitative information on latest updates.

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If you have any inquiry then feel free to CONTACT ME.