About Me

About Me

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Hi it's Roger! If you want to know anything about me then do read this top to end. Also you can contact me if necessary.

When I was a child, my father lived in the USA and he sent me many high end toys like remote controlled cars etc. While other children were obsessed about these toys I really didn’t care because I made my own toys out of paper, polyethenes and any possible stuffs I could get. I made a lot out of these including paper characters to guns and swords. Maybe I guess this was the start of my love for creativity.

I completed my high school studies in Science stream in Nepal in 2016. Studying science was difficult but the only thing I enjoyed in Science was optics because it was the core of the cameras. However choosing a difficult subject I graduated my high school in first division (67% aggregate). I appreciate everything I was able to learn from high school but then I personally felt Science is not for me. Also I passed out my SLC examinations with distinction marks of 83%.

“Creativity is intelligence trying to have some fun”- Albert Einstein. I love this quote by Einstein.

As the time passed my creativity got a taste of technology and that was the time I got passionate about taking pictures and videos of almost everything I could capture. The main thing I was astonished about photo media and videography was that I could tell a good story that could possibly impact some portion of people’s mind. For this I used every resource possible around me like my smartphone, point and shoots and eventually my Dad bought me my first DSLR camera. It was not a high end camera but a beginner DSLR but that was enough for me. To unleash its maximum use I also took 1 month basic training class in photography. Besides this I watched every video in YouTube where I could learn more about these things. I also have an interest in music. I play flute and have performed in some of the school functions as well.

I also like to travel and indulge with other cultures. Also the obsession of travel in my mind is so high that I travel to at least one place a week and capture my experience which resulted into starting a YouTube channel. And I feel really satisfied doing these and to talk about my YouTube videos I really don’t care about subscribers and views but I personally enjoy watching my videos and losing myself in a kind of nostalgic feeling. Besides this starting a YouTube channel has also furnished my skills to some extent in capturing and editing. Above all I also enjoy blogging about my experiences.
I hope you enjoy and get something out of this website.