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5 Facts Of Bahubali 2 That Went Unnoticed

5 Facts Bahubali 2 Went Unnoticed

The most anticipated film of the decade has finally hit the screen. Read my full review of it HERE. Needless to say it is on a record breaking run even before it’s release. Bahubali franchise has come up to become a brand. According to the reports it earned 152 crores alone in India in it’s first day. The sequel consist of a lot of things going on and totally justifies the incomplete story left in it’s first installments. But there are some facts about Bahubali 2 that went probably unnoticed as the pace of the film drove you in an adrenaline rush. Find the 5 facts Bahubali 2 went unnoticed.

1. Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?

This question was hung in mouths of every person which was answered in Bahubali 2. The straight forward answer is that Kattappa did so because of the order given by Queen Shivagami. Internet has flushed with this line that apparently breaks the suspense. But still it is not satisfactory. Shivagami was a positive character as far as we know. Bahubali was very much loved by her. So, the causes that made Shivagami to take that decision was the main thing that mattered. Hats off to Rajamouli’s clever direction that the suspense doesn’t disclose fully even after the film released. This fact makes you want to watch the film for yourself.


2. Shivagami’s Negative portrait.5 Facts Bahubali 2 Went Unnoticed

After seeing Bahubali 1, everyone considered Shivagami to be a wise queen. After the death of the king she had taken the responsibiliy as elder sister in law of king. She didn’t discriminate between her own son and king’s son. Bahubali and Shivagami shared a bond to be remembered. But in the second part the wise woman falls short to her son’s conspiracies. Her decisions are no longer wise which resulted into ordering Kattappa to kill Bahubali. However she returns to her track after knowing about the conspiracies planned. But still a wise woman like her easily falling into conspiracies is a bit disappointing. 


5 Facts Bahubali 2 Went Unnoticed3. Tamannah Bhatia.

Tamannah Bhatia is the lead actress of the first part of Bahubali franchise. But in the second she hardly has a good role. Leave that aside, she doesn’t have a proper dialogue in the film. She hardly has two words to say in the film. It may be because majority of time film revolves around the scenes inside the palace. After the death of Bahubali film in no time redirect towards the climax war leaving Tamannah away from the limelight. 

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